Mouthguards and Nightguards in Smokey Point—Protecting Teeth From the Nightly Grind of Life

A healthy set of teeth is the foundation a dazzling smile is built upon. Adopting a good oral health routine that protects your teeth from the “daily grind” of life plays a large part in making a healthy smile your reality. Not to be forgotten, though, is the “nightly grind” your teeth could be enduring while you sleep. This often overlooked danger is named bruxism—more commonly referred to as teeth grinding. A simple solution may be a mouthguard or nightguard from your Smokey Point Dental team.

I Could Do It in My Sleep

The subheading above often highlights the capability of doing something with very little thought or effort required. Bruxism is that formidable foe–many who suffer from this condition are completely unaware they are grinding their teeth as they sleep—yet the damages show up in their smile.

How do you know if you’re clenching or grinding your teeth at night? Some symptoms can include:

  • Waking up fatigued with a dull headache or sore facial muscles.
  • Teeth that are worn down, flattened, fractured, or chipped.
  • Increased tooth sensitivity.
  • Temporomandibular disorders (TMD).
  • Tired jaw muscles.
  • Thinned tooth enamel.
  • An earache sensation (resulting from jaw discomfort)
  • Audible sounds of teeth grinding/clenching capable of even waking your partner.

Putting Bruxism Concerns to Rest

Forcing yourself to stay awake every night is clearly not an acceptable solution to prevent issues associated with teeth grinding. On the other hand, a nightguard created by your dentist is a great way to put your bruxism concerns to rest! A nightguard slips over the teeth of one jaw and prevents direct contact with opposing teeth, alleviating pressure associated with teeth grinding.  Your Smokey Point dental team here at Seven Lakes Dental can help fabricate mouthguards to custom fit your teeth. They are called nightguards.

What makes a dentist-crafted nightguard the superior choice? Each smile has its own unique qualities that vary with each individual. Bulky, generic nightguards sold in stores are a one-size-fits-all, and therefore are simply incapable of providing you the same comfort and protection as one custom-made by your dentist. In fact, ill-fitting mouthguards may even fall out at night, plus are far more likely to be discontinued thanks to their discomfort.

Our custom-designed nightguards are constructed with durable, high quality materials and focus on providing exactly what you want for your smile: maximum comfort and superior protection.

The damaging effects of teeth grinding is no laughing matter. Schedule your appointment with us today and enjoy your sleep filled night to the full—knowing you’re teeth are safe from the “nightly grind” called bruxism.

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