Mouth Guards

Mouthguards Smokey Point

Sports such as basketball, soccer, and football are a large part of the teenage landscape. If your child is going to participate in these or other contact sports, a well-fitted mouthguard is a must.

Why get a mouthguard?

Contact sports are just that – full of contact, both intentional and otherwise. Dental injuries are common and can have serious, life-long repercussions. Unlike a broken bone, a damaged tooth will not heal itself.

A properly fitted mouthguard is the best defense against dental injuries. Many sports leagues now require mouthguards for their participants. Even if it is not required, a mouthguard can help you avoid painful injuries, expensive treatment, and lengthy recovery.

Why not get a standard mouthguard at the store?

Store-bought mouthguards, in Smokey Point, are often better than no protection at all, especially for pre-teens where some permanent teeth haven’t yet come in. But store-bought mouthguards are designed to fit everybody, which results in a mouthguard that actually fits nobody.

Your mouthguard doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or restrict your speech. The sports mouthguards we create at Seven Lakes Dental are customized for the wearer, taking into account the unique shape, size, placement, and spacing of your teeth. This means your mouthguard will stay in place and provide the best protection for your smile in even the toughest competitions.