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Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Dentist

Why You Shouldn't Fear the Dentist

Take an informal poll of several of your friends and ask them how they feel about visiting the dentist. Chances are very good that most of them will not rank these types of appointments very highly. If they are being honest, several will probably admit that they have not had their teeth checked in years,… Read More

What Did You Learn From National Dental Hygiene Month?

What a great month! Every October, we celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month at Seven Lakes Dental. That means 31 days of raising awareness on the importance of brushing, flossing, and rinsing daily. Most people are aware that the human mouth is full of harmless bacteria when kept under control with proper dental hygiene. In other… Read More

The Best Gift this Season: Teeth Whitening!

Americans love their cup of coffee in the morning. We also love white celebrity-like smiles. Our team at Seven Lakes Dental has solved this predicament with an offer that you and your loved ones cannot refuse. You’re welcome, America. With Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas celebrations, vacations, parties, and photos coming your way, you should be ready to… Read More