1. Kevin Bush

    Electronic cigarettes are good for teeth, still better than smoking. Smoking is the reason for various oral health problems, but with the use of electronic cigarettes we can protect our oral health since premium e liquid flavors does not have all those harmful ingredients found in normal cigarettes.

  2. Jonathan F. Walker

    You can always purchase e-cig liquids which don’t contain nicotine but just make sure you read the ingredients. Some manufactures like “Suicide Bunny” have been under a lot of scrutiny for using harmful chemicals in their e-liquids. So make sure you do you due diligence.

  3. Best e-cigarette brands in India

    Electronic Ciagrette i much better option for smoker, with it you can switch from smoking, bad breath, yellow teeth and still continue to enjoy your hobby.

  4. Mike

    A lot of these vapor products are producing basically smoke, true vapor is almost invisible. Regardless, the best solution is simply not to smoke. Oral and dental health should come first!

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