Your Dentist’s Top 5 Favorite Halloween Costumes

Top 5 Favorite Halloween Costumes - Seven Lakes Dental Smokey Point WASince it is Halloween, you probably expect your favorite dentist at Seven Lakes Dental in Smokey Point, WA to post a long blog post about the damage candy can do to your teeth, and that you should give out tooth brushes to your neighborhood trick-or-treaters instead of candy.  While the amount of candy distributed to children is disturbing, we decided to focus on our favorite part of Halloween – The Costumes!  Costumes are lots of fun and they don’t rot your teeth.  We put together a list of your dentist’s Top 5 favorite Halloween costumes.

Counting Down From Number 5:

5. The Darla Sherman Costume–

Yes, the dentist’s niece in the movie Finding Nemo made the list. She is the antagonist in the movie, though not because of malicious or evil intent. She is just a bit over excited whenever she gets new pet fish, which tends to result in her killing them by accident. Anyway, she has a big mouth full of beautiful teeth that, in spite of her young age, have obviously had a lot of dental work. First you need a baggie full of water with a Nemo toy in it.  Then a couple ponytails on the sides of your head.  And finally you need a wire to make dental headgear.  You now have a costume that will make everyone laugh.

4. The Vampire Costume–

Vampires have the most amazing teeth! What dentist wouldn’t like to take a closer look at those upper cuspids (otherwise known as fangs). No matter how many hundreds of years old they are, vampires generally have perfect teeth. And they don’t need to be told that they aren’t brushing or flossing often enough (though I’m not sure they do it at all). They never need fillings and in general are considered the perfect patient.

3. The Tooth Fairy Costume–

The good fairy who watches out for the teeth of all the children of the world certainly has to be on the list. The legend of the Tooth Fairy dates all the way back to the Middle Ages and spans countries all over the world. A tutu, some fairy wings, and a magic wand (yes, it has to be magic) are all you need to create a great costume.  Your Tooth Fairy costume is sure to please your dentist, as well as everyone else on Halloween.

2. The Orc Costume–

When you think about teeth that need help, you can’t get any worse than Orc teeth. With decades of neglect those teeth are in dire need of repair and restoration. Any dentist would love to get into those neglected mouths and get to work. For safety reasons we might want to sedate the patient though. Orcs have been known to get a little nasty when they get uncomfortable. Having pretend Orc teeth for one night is fun but make sure you brush and floss regularly so you don’t end up with Orc teeth in real life.

1. The Dentist Costume–

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, the dentists at Seven Lakes Dental in Smokey Point WA are always flattered when a youngster knocks on their door dressed as a dentist. Being a dentist is a great job, and these children who proudly wear the dentist costume will go far in life. Except for the kids that have fake blood splattered on their dentist costume and are carrying what looks like strange torture devices.

Well, that is our list of dentist’s favorite costumes for Halloween this year. Remember to trick-or-treat safely.  And don’t forget to brush and floss well before you go to bed. Sleeping with all that sugary candy residue on your teeth is really bad for them. We would love to see your favorite Halloween costumes and Jack-O-Lanterns so please send them to us in an email. We might post them for all of our friends to see. Our email address should be at the bottom of this webpage.

Have a Happy Halloween from all of us at Seven Lakes Dental!