Caring For Your Teeth On The Go

Whether you live in the Smokey Point or Marysville, WA areas, you’ve probably needed to take care of your teeth while in public at least once. Perhaps you ate a meal that caused a lot of rapid plaque buildup, or you experienced the dreaded popcorn kernel lodged into your gums. It happens, and so does tooth decay when you’re on the go.

Cleaning your teeth throughout the day is an excellent way to prevent many dental issues. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar is one of the least healthy natural substances you can consume in large quantities, and it’s well-known for contributing to tooth decay.

Many bacteria thrive on sugar, and these bacteria produce the plaque that sticks to your teeth, most notably after meals. What’s worse is that the bacteria within this plaque produce acid when exposed to sugar, the same acid that leads to the famous tooth decay.

By sticking to low-sugar meals and snacks while on the go, you’ll help to keep your smile healthy.

Carry a Travel Kit

Most stores that have a pharmacy section also have a small travel section. Here, you can find tubes of travel toothpaste, travel floss, and toothbrushes.

These tubes are designed to pass the airport liquid rule due to their small size, but they can work well when you simply need to travel to your job, to a get-together, or to a dinner with friends. Travel kits can fit into pockets and purses, and all you’ll need is a bathroom to keep your teeth clean after meals.

Dental floss is incredibly easy to carry while on the go.  Even if you can’t brush, flossing after each meal will clean between your teeth and help to keep your gums strong and healthy too.

In A Pinch, Pinch a Paper Towel

If you find yourself without a toothbrush on hand and you need to clean your teeth, a great trick is to fold a paper towel in two and wrap it around your finger. You can scrub your teeth using this method by sweeping your finger over your teeth. Just be careful not to get your finger too close to your throat.

Can’t Carry Mouthwash? Use Mint

Almost no one is going to carry a full bottle of mouthwash all the time, so many rely on mint candies to freshen breath. However, these often have sugar, which can make plaque worse.

Mint isn’t just a candy, but a plant that is very easy to grow, so much that it can become a weed in gardens. It’s easy to recognize due to its scent, and will do well in a small container, if watered daily. This makes mint a good choice if you often need to care for your teeth while at a desk or on the go.

Chewing a mint leaf or two after a meal can help to freshen your breath without the sugar, and you’ll also produce more saliva that will help to remove any acid-producing bacteria from your teeth.

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