6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Dentures

If you’ve just gotten new dentures, you may be wondering how to keep them in good shape for many years to come. After all, you’ll want to maintain that winning smile and be able to chew any food you want without fear.  It’s good to remember that dentures are made from several different materials, including resin, acrylic, and plastic. There are two main parts to dentures: the base and the teeth. Whether you have partial or full dentures, the care and cleaning for all types of dentures is generally the same.

1.  Always Clean After You Eat

Dentures can become dirty just like regular teeth, collecting plaque and other debris. To keep the color good and your dentures working as long as possible, be sure to brush your dentures, as you would natural teeth, after each meal or twice per day. This will also help keep your breath fresh.  Simply rinsing your dentures after each meal will help prevent debris buildup and bad breath as well. This can be done quickly at home or in a public restroom.

2.  Avoid Overheating During Cleaning

Dentures can warp if placed in hot conditions, such as in boiling or near-boiling water. Though dentures do need to be cleaned, avoid doing so in hot water.
This applies to full and partial dentures.

3.  Use Cool Water Overnight

It’s unnecessary to sleep with dentures, so they’re typically stored overnight while you sleep. To keep their shape, you’ll want to store them in cool water. Another way to store them overnight and maintain their shape is by using a gentle denture solution, which you can find at a local pharmacy. Avoid letting your dentures dry out, as this can cause them to stiffen.

4.  If Using a Solution, Rinse Before Use Each Day

You don’t want to place the solution itself into your mouth, and in contact with a sensitive surface such as your gums. Be sure to rinse your dentures thoroughly in plain water (cold, not hot!) before using. Otherwise, your gums could suffer burns, or you could get sick from the solution.

5.  Make Sure They Fit Properly

Your dentist is here to make sure your dentures fit right. However, they may need to be adjusted over time as your mouth changes, or if you need further oral work done. If your dentures begin to feel uncomfortable, schedule an appointment to get them looked at. The same goes if they suddenly feel loose and make chewing difficult.

6.  Be Careful What You Use to Clean

It may be tempting to use whitening toothpaste on your dentures, but you’ll want to avoid this.   The peroxide in these toothpastes won’t do anything to whiten them. Also avoid any abrasive brushes, as this could damage the dentures.  Also, don’t use anything that contains bleach to clean them. Using products that contain bleach can change the color of your dentures and can cause your gums to appear pale. Another thing to avoid is any chlorine if your dentures have metal parts because this can cause unsightly corrosion.

We’re Here to Offer Advice.  If you have questions about how to care for your dentures in the Smokey Point or Marysville, WA area, don’t hesitate to let us know. We want you to be comfortable with your smile.